Hi! I'm WhatNames (all pronouns) I'm a freelance voice actor and singer recording remotely. I love voicing energetic, comedic, and emotional characters for animation, video games, musicals, podcasts, and more. I can't wait to work with you!

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Where am I now? Teaching teens about tech theatre at a local high school in Richmond, VA

I'm WhatNames, a queer voice actor who loves voicing vibrant characters of varying genders. Stories with magic and the supernatural are my personal favorites.My singing voice is alto/mezzo-soprano, and I have a lot of fun experimenting within and beyond that range. Performing in musicals has deeply influenced my vocal abilities and my love of telling stories in song.I have trained at The National Theatre Institute at the O'Neill in Advanced Directing and at Accademia dell'Arte's physical theatre program in Italy. I have studied with Theresa Buchheister, Ryan William Downey, Rachael Messer, and Tony-nominee Forrest McClendon.I'm a theatre director by trade: collaborating to tell great stories is my passion. I've worked as an actor, director, technician, producer, and playwright for over a decade! When I'm not acting or working with actors, I'm writing scripts and games, or hugging my cat.

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Recording Setup

I record in my home setup on my AKG C214 with an M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Additionally, I have a Blue Yeti Blackout as a mobile backup.
My primary editing software is Audacity, with a touch of Reaper and GarageBand. I'm comfortable working via Sourceconnect, Zoom, Skype and Discord.
I work from Richmond, VA and NYC, so my time zone is ET.

My character demo was recorded in my home setup - check it out!

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Projects I've Worked On

I am currently available for work. Together, we can make a project that'll sing!

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